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Bradford Family


Jenni and Philip are great friends of mine, so naturally I’m always excited to take photos of their family! I have been taking pictures of Charlotte since she was in Jenni’s belly, so it’s crazy to see her running around and acting like a little grown up! She is so sweet and full of energy – she definitely kept us all on our toes!

We took pictures at one of my favorite places, the JC Raulston Arboretum (which you may recognize from my last post with the Todd family!). ┬áIt was Jenni and Philip’s first time there, and I have a feeling we will be back for more pictures of Charlotte!

2014-04-28_0002PINTHIS2014-04-28_0003PINTHIS2014-04-28_0004PINTHIS2014-04-28_0005PINTHIS2014-04-28_0006PINTHIS2014-04-28_0007PINTHIS2014-04-28_0008PINTHIS2014-04-28_0009PINTHIS2014-04-28_0010PINTHIS2014-04-28_0011PINTHIS2014-04-28_0012PINTHIS2014-04-28_0013PINTHIS2014-04-28_0014PINTHIS2014-04-28_0015PINTHIS2014-04-28_0016PINTHIS2014-04-28_0017PINTHIS2014-04-28_0018PINTHIS2014-04-28_0019PINTHISThanks, again, Jenni and Philip! It’s always a pleasure to photograph your beautiful family!


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