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Ashley + Justin | Anniversary Session

This young lady is very special to me. I’ve known Ashley for what seems like forever, close to 18 years now. We have always had a close friendship, even though Ashley was two grade below me in school – I didn’t care, she was awesome and I wanted to be friends with her :) We took gymnastics together, cheered in high school together, and I even showed her around UGA when she visited me in college. Ashley has such an amazing heart, an infectious smile, and a beautiful soul.  She and her husband, Justin, live in the big city of New York now and since I moved to North Carolina, I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. But now that her parents moved to Greenville, NC I have been spoiled seeing her TWICE in one year.  It is such a treat for me to be able to photograph the Gaymons, not only because they are GORGEOUS, but because I love photographing love, and people that I love who are in love. I makes my heart happy <3

2014-12-27_00022014-12-27_00032014-12-27_00042014-12-27_00052014-12-27_00062014-12-27_00072014-12-27_00082014-12-27_00092014-12-27_00102014-12-27_00112014-12-27_00122014-12-27_0013Seriously STUNNING, you guys <32014-12-27_00142014-12-27_00152014-12-27_00162014-12-27_00172014-12-27_00182014-12-27_0019

Thank you, again, Ashley and Justin and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I wish you many more years of love and laughter. You guys are the bee’s knees <3



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